Consensus Technologies Ltd is a UK based reseller with over 20 years experience in the IT sector and is positioned within the market to serve medium to large sized corporate businesses. Consensus has been successful in fulfilling customers’ needs in a more cost effective and quality orientated manner, which has lead to the growth of us as a company. We deliver a wide range of IT products, services and solutions to help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Our helpful, knowledgeable and experienced dedicated account managers are limited to a finite number of accounts that they may support, to enable us to work closely with you by understanding your business requirements and expectations to offer you professional, cost effective advice for your business and to enhance your experience of the IT supply chain. We believe that the extra time each resource is able to give our customers provides the difference in service that separates us from the immediate competition. Account Managers are empowered to make executive decisions to ensure we meet and exceed client expectations. This empowerment ensures quick, reliable service and is a major contributory factor to our very high levels of staff retention and client satisfaction.

We believe having customer knowledge is a crucial part of doing business with you, so that we can tailor our services to suit your needs. Today, Consensus separates itself from the competition by providing a service which is unrivalled due to the strict guidelines that Consensus imposes on itself. All actions are meticulously checked through a series of internal procedures to ensure that any errors are picked up at source and dealt with immediately providing a seamless service to the customer.

Recently Consensus has developed a long-term plan for added growth within the market place, which revolves around process delivering a “blue chip” company interaction with both our customers and suppliers. Consensus Technologies is investing heavily into advanced infrastructure to support the growth to come. This includes an aggressive schedule of recruitment to enable existing customers to still enjoy the level of service that they receive from their account managers.

We work closely with all our vendors and distributors, which enables us to leverage these relationships to give extraordinary support and service for the benefit of our clients. From a simple order of an ethernet cable through to complex storage solutions, we are here to serve your complete requirements. Our sales staff and technical resources can make your life easier with a hassle-free approach whether you require a PC or a server farm.